Even for the states that have legalized marijuana for medical use under the Medical Use of Marijuana Act (MUMA), people who are taking advantage of the law are still at risk from their employers.  The act is intended to protect medical users from arrest but the protection does not extend to private businesses.  In at least 2 separate instances employees who were using marijuana for medical purposes were required to submit to drug tests for their employment and were subsequently fired.  Even though both of these people informed their employers about their medical use of marijuana and had supporting evidence from their doctors, the companies still followed through with their corporate policies.

For people suffering from chronic pain or undergoing cancer treatment, marijuana can make a huge difference.  The talk show host, Montel Williams, has suffered with Multiple Sclerosis for years and found relief from constant neurological pain with marijuana.  He says that it improved his health and well being.  He supports this as a treatment so much that he is opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, CA that he claims will be professional with a focus on patient care.  It’s truly sad that these sufferers are punished when they have found a treatment that works for them and enables them to function well enough to go back to work.  True medical use of marijuana does not provide an exemption for employers concerned with sticking stringently to the rules but it should.  Their lack of compassion in our “Drug Free” world is cruel and unacceptable.

Written by www.labtestingnow.com