According to MedPageToday, Walgreens has decided to hold off on selling Over-the-Counter Home Genetic Tests.  Walgreens received an email from the FDA asking them to wait because they consider this test a medical device and it is therefore subject to regulation.  A majority of physicians are still not comfortable with allowing these types of tests to be used at home and they continue to recommend that their patients obtain testing at reliable testing facilities where strict protocols are maintained.  The OTC tests that Walgreens was planning to offer allowed results for such conditions as pre-pregnancy, prostate cancer, diabetes and cystic fibrosis.

These tests provide information on an individual’s risk of developing numerous diseases within their lifetime as compared to a sample of other people.  The information obtained from a Genetic Predisposition DNA test can be used to change your diet and lifestyle and possibly avoid some of these serious disorders. The results aren’t a guarantee because the environment plays such a large factor in our health.  Still, the ability to take preventive action can be critical.

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